Breast Reduction at Pune

Breast reduction / Breast lift surgery and make your life lighter and happier!!

In females it is the process of reducing extra fat, tissue and skin form the breasts. It is commonly chosen by those with extremely large breasts to improve of the overall proportions of their body.
Women with large breasts often develop back pain, neck pain in addition to other physical conditions.
It is mostly combined with Breast Lift  that reshapes the breasts in order to correct the drooping and to increase projection of the breast at the correct level on the chest wall. It is the fifth most common reconstructive surgical procedure performed by Board-certified plastic surgeons.

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Breast Reduction Cost in Pune

•General range falls between 1,50,000 to 2,95,000/-
•Includes all operation charges
•Includes all post-op consultation charges
•Includes all the hospitalization charges
•For exact cost estimate, discounts , how to get Insurance, a consultation with Dr.Sheetal is recommended
•We follow only FDA approved process in our surgeries.

Why opt for Breast reduction?

•Having more beautiful breasts does not always mean having bigger breasts. It's all about shape and proportion.
•Improve breast symmetry and eliminate sagging.
•Breast will be lifted and firmer, helping you look more youthful
•Most important loose extra weight causing body pain.  
Breast Reduction FAQs & Surgery Questions in Pune by Dr Sheetal 
What do Beautiful Breasts Look Like? 
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