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Want to get rid of excess body fat from different parts of the body in a quick, painless, and scar less manner? Dr.Sheetal Londhe is a well-trained and highly-experienced plastic surgeon in Pune to undergo liposuction surgery through modern techniques and get the desired body shape and contours
Remove stubborn Fat Deposits
A person may be really fit, but have those last niggling and extremely hard to lose deposits of fat bulges; whether on the belly, thighs or buttocks.

FDA approved & safe procedure

Insurance support

5 STAR rating work

Same day results

Liposuction Cost in Pune

•General range falls between 70,000 to 2,75,000/-
•Includes all operation charges
•Includes all post-op consultation charges
•Includes all the hospitalization charges
•For exact cost estimate, discounts , how to get Insurance for Liposuction , a consultation with Dr.Sheetal is recommended

Why opt for Liposuction?

•Women have fat deposits mainly in the abdomen, back, hips, thighs and arms. So liposuction for women is aimed at these specific areas to get the perfect contour.
Liposuction In Pune: Procedure, Types, Cost, And Side Effects. , MYTHS ABOUT LIPOSUCTION , & Does the skin become loose and flabby after liposuction? Click these link's for more information on Liposuction.
•We do only safe & FDA approved liposuction procedure.

Why choose Dr.Sheetal?

•Confidentiality - Top priority
•Highly skilled - international trained
•Personalized consultation
•Easy EMI options
•Scores of successful surgeries
•Several Before-after pics can be seen at Clinic

Your name and other details are highly confidential and is only accessible to Dr Sheetal Londhe Monteiro.

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